Butternut Tree Bark

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Promote digestion, regularity with Butternut bark harvested in the United States

Butternut Tree Bark from Blessed Herbs is 1 pound of wild-harvested Juglans Cinerea (Butternut Tree) bark. Native to the United States, Butternut was once used to dye homemade clothing a soft yellow. Butternut bark can be employed as a gentle laxative or strong purgative, depending on dosage. Butternut bark also promotes digestive health, and may encourage your stomach to rid itself of unwanted parasites. Butternut may be used to encourage healthy skin and as an alterative agent when addressing the symptoms of certain chronic skin conditions.*

Herbal Ingredients

• Butternut Tree Bark – native to North America, the butternut tree produces medicinally active leaves, fruit and bark. Butternut bark is used to support digestive health, with small doses as a gentle laxative and larger concentrations as a strong cathartic. Butternut has also been indicated to promote healthy skin with regards to chronic skin conditions, and may help rid the body of certain kinds of unwanted parasites.*

Butternut Tree Bark
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