English Plantain Herb

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One pound of cut, organic Plantago Lanceolata from Bulgaria for teas & tisanes

English Plantain is also called Ribwort, Ribleaf and Lamb’s Tongue. Originally thought to be native to the British Isles, Plantago Lanceolata is now a common herb throughout North America, Europe and Australia and is often found amongst cultivated soil. English Plantain is frequently used in tisanes and herbal teas. English Plantain Herb from Blessed Herbs is an excellent addition to any herbalist’s repertoire – as it is thought to exhibit strong anti-bacterial properties. Herbal teas and other remedies containing English Plantain Herb may support healthy immune system function, and promote respiratory health for those affected with cough, irritation or soreness as well.

Herbal Ingredients

English Plantain Herb – English Plantain Herb is common throughout the world, and often appears in cultivated soil. English Plantain can be used to create herbal teas, tisanes and other herbal remedies. Properly prepared, these remedies are thought to promote bacterial defense. English Plantain may bolster immune system function and promote respiratory health for those with cough or irritation.

English Plantain Herb
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