Witch Hazel Leaf

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Wild-harvested Hamamelis Virginiana leaf for skin & cardio health remedies*

Witch Hazel Leaf (Hamamelis Virginiana) is native to North Americans, where Native American Indians used it as a topical remedy for skin irritations. Indeed, Witch Hazel extracts are used in both cosmetics and several forms of conventional medicines today. The extracted plant compounds can be used to make an astringent to be applied to sores, bruises or minor swelling.*

Topical Witch Hazel remedies can promote both skin health as well as circulatory health in the areas treated. The actual name of the plant was carried over from European Hazel, which is not related. Interestingly enough, Witch Hazel branches were used as divining rods – though Blessed Herbs makes no claims to the efficacy of Witch Hazel used in this manner.*

Herbal Ingredients

Witch Hazel Leaf – Hamamelis Virginiana is native to North America. The name carried over from a similar yet unrelated European plant. Witch Hazel extract is used for cosmetics as well as conventional medicines. Witch Hazel promotes skin health, and may encourage circulatory health in areas treated.*

Witch Hazel leaf
(Hamamelis virginiana)
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Cut
Wild Harvested
Package Type: Pkg
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