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March 18, 2014
"I'm absolutely amazed with the removal of parasites and other toxins"
I have completed the colon cleanse as well as the Internal cleanse programs, and I'm absolutely amazed with the removal of parasites and other toxins. It is a blessing to have a health source of such high quality. Thanks for all of your hard work. - Starr S
March 18, 2014
"I feel great!"
I have used other cleanses, but this is by far the most thorough. When finished, I really had a renewed sense of well being. I feel great! - Mary Ann U
September 22, 2013
"i couldnt of done it without it.."
My marriage took a toll on my body and soul.. i finally divorced 3 years later and when i did, i picked up the internal detox kit i had purchased some 4 years prior but never used, and i walked out the door and didn't go back. I flew from California to Sydney Australia with my detox kit in my luggage... I immediately opened it and started it the day i landed... i was currently 78kilos... I not only purged my body but i decided to purge my house as well along with all picture frame that contained him... During the cleanse i found it extremely easy given the travel viles and a step by step calendar.. around week 2 or 3 i experienced a mild pain in my lower back... being a chronic kidney stone suffer i naturally feared the worst.. To my surprise the next night, i was in the shower and found i had actually painlessly PASSED A KIDNEY STONE!!! i finished up the kit and altho i didn't notice a weight decrease, i felt great... the 6 months following is where the magic started.. i dropped 8 kilos over the next 7-8 months, i then did another kit and am seeing the same results after the kit is finished.. ive now become a reseller to my patients because they have seen such a transformation in me and im so please to offer it to them in hopes they will get the same results.. My weight is down to 64kilos and steadily losing.. I had so much toxin build up and so much depression as soon as I could release it, it all seemed to flow.. i now do Pilates 5 times a week and run and enjoy yoga once again... Im so pleased i took this kit as i was so desperate and even considered a lap band, ant depressants and MORE LIPOSUCTION.. I would recommend ( and i do) to anyone who feels tired, unmotivated, depresses, overweight, sluggish or even just a bit toxic.. Healthy people will greatly benefit from this too.. I truly believe if there is weight to shed you will, if not it wont promote shedding.. it all has to do with your current situation. remember, Toxins will store weight and harbour fat leaving you in the dumps... if you can neutralise the toxins, a new improved you will no doubt appear.. good luck... oh- and my husband?? he hasn't seen my in 9 months, and he wouldn't even recognise me if he did... Kelly McNamara Longevity Lounge Esthetics Sydney Australia (to see before and after photos or to order a kit at a discounted rate)
- Kelly
June 25, 2012
"Thanks for great products."
I took my second colon cleanse (water-fast version) in December followed by the whole-body cleanse in January. I have been eating mostly organic vegetarian for a few years, and so I did not expect much in December compared to my first colon cleanse, which was a few years ago. I was wrong. I got great results after my colon cleanse in December. During the whole-body cleanse in January, I had a few reactions, but really very mild. During the whole-body cleanse, I noted that several-daily-loose-bowel movements are considered regular/ideal. Apparently I have been constipated for as long as I can remember. I now have ideal bowel movements, which I attribute to the whole-body cleanse, and possibly the combination of colon cleanse in December followed by the whole-body cleanse in January. This is now June. Thanks for great products. Steve B Buffalo, NY
November 18, 2011
"Saved my life!!! Enough said"
The year was 2004 of december had very bad gas and oder problems, very bad and would not go away with antibiotics or anything.I also would have already died from dinking my liver to death.I use to drink 151 proof everyday.I bought this kit and it literally brought me back from the dead. I would say my organs and my body was at about 28% body health, i would strongly say this kit brought my organs and my whole body back to a solid 80% in body health. Then 6 months later i buy it again and now im at a good solid 90% now in health. Nothing else can i say but that this is the fountain of youth.:)Thanks Blessed Herbs you guys are literally real life superheros.;0)
- goodwillovercome
October 10, 2011
"the Internal Cleanse Kit changed my life! highly recommended"
My cousin introduced me to the idea of herbal cleansing, after I had been sick for several weeks. She thought maybe my diet was to blame for some of the illnesses I had. I took a chance on the internal cleanse kit from blessed herbs, after reading a lot of reviews. when the kit came in the mail, i was ecstatic. i could try something natural to feel better, and after reading all the customer testimonials, i couldnt' wait to start. let me tell you, it was the best $275 I have ever spent. I immediately started to feel better, and after the cleanse was over, my skin felt incredible. It is a lifechanging experience, and i recommend it to all my friends. thank you, blessed herbs...
- diana m.
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