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Lung Rejuvenator™

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Soothes and relaxes lung tissue, strengthens body defenses*

Lung Rejuvenator™ from Blessed Herbs is a natural lung supplement designed to support your body’s immune and allergy defenses. Taken in drop form, the Lung Rejuvenator™ features traditional herbal ingredients long used as relief from respiratory disorders, sore throat, coughing, and other lung-related maladies. This herbal lung supplement may sooth lung tissue, may reduce phlegm and promote your body’s defenses.*

Lung Rejuvenator™
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March 1, 2014
"The best for allergies and asthma related lung problems"
This tincture is simply the best for my allergy and asthma related lung problems. I live on Maui and we have a host of ling ailments here due to the volcanic gases and cane burning. I have developed asthma since living here, and this is a must for keeping my lungs clean and phlegm free. Excellent product!
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