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Yerba Mansa Root - Liquid Extract

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Anemopsis californica extract for healthy kidney, immune system, and inflammatory response*

Yerba Mansa is unique – literally. This plant is the sole species in its genus "Anemopsis". It is native to Southwestern North America, where native cultures in the United States and Mexico used it medicinally for years. Yerba Mansa promotes a healthy immune response in the presence of microbes, fungi, bacteria and other infectious agents.*

Yerba Mansa Root - Liquid Extract

Yerba Mansa Root also promotes healthy kidney function by helping to regulate the level of Uric acid buildup in the body. Finally, Yerba Mansa has been known to encourage a healthy inflammatory response, especially for swollen gums and throat. Yerba Mansa Root – Liquid extract is an organic tincture intended for internal use only.*

Herbal Ingredients

  • Yerba Mansa Root – Yerba Mansa is native to Southwestern North America. In addition to promoting healthy kidney function, Yerba Mansa supports the natural immune system’s response to fungi, bacteria, and other infections. It also promotes a healthy inflammatory response.*

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