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Menopause Relief FAQ’s

When it comes time for “The Change” in a woman’s life, most want to go through menopause as naturally and as comfortable as possible. Blessed Herbs offers several products that help you through this change. Check out our most frequently asked questions below. Or feel free to contact us with any other questions.

Do I need to use all the products?
No, Blessed Herbs Menopause Support line provides individual formulas designed to provide relief from the primary discomforts of menopause separately. Depending on the symptoms you may be experiencing, you can choose only one herbal supplement, or all of them. However, for best results, we recommend starting with the Feminine Cleanse product as a way to balance your body before beginning the use of the individual supplement formulas.

Can the products of Menopause Support be taken together?
Yes. While the Blessed Herbs Menopause Support line contains formulas designed to address the specific discomforts of menopause separately, they have been formulated to work synergistically when taken together. The ingredients and their amounts have been carefully combined so that there are no negative interactions and the only result is a feeling of overall good health and wellbeing.

Will Balanced Mood make me drowsy or sleepy?
No, Balanced Mood was carefully designed to be strong enough to offer anxiety and calming relief without any drowsy side effect. It can be taken anytime during the day and will allow you to function without interruption.

We strongly believe in the naturopathic foundation of cleansing before herbal supplement programs. With so many unnatural substances entering our bodies these days (dietary preservatives, medications, pollution, etc), cleansing & detoxifying the organs can help “clear the slate” and kick-start a more effective program. For menopause, we specifically designed the Feminine Cleanse.

Learn more about this simple, 14 day Menopause Relief Program.

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