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Natural Menopause Support

Here’s what menopause once was: The dreaded time in a woman’s life when her hormones went crazy, her emotions ran from one extreme to another, she gained unwanted belly fat, and suffered through sleepless nights due to hot flashes and night sweats.

That was then. But this is now. Women no longer need to suffer through years of uncomfortable menopausal symptoms or resort to potentially unsafe synthetic hormones. Thanks to modern research, we know that simple lifestyle changes and gentle herbal therapies can be the perfect solution to make menopause a healthy, natural transition in your life.

One of the difficult decisions many women make during menopause is whether to take synthetic hormones or suffer through the uncomfortable and frequently exhausting symptoms that accompany the “change of life.”

But is this really a choice?

Risking potentially dangerous side effects of hormone supplementation or coping with hot flashes, fatigue, and mood swings that accompany menopause is really no solution at all. Here at Blessed Herbs, we know there are safe, natural solutions for menopause relief that will ease symptoms, fight the effects of aging, and even help you feel better than you’ve felt in years.

Hot Flash & Night Sweats

  • Promotes healthy circulation and a cooling effect on the body

  • Contains natural ingredients to calm the nervous system and induce restful sleep

  • Helps rebalance hormone levels for soothing relief

  • 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Balanced Mood

  • Provides natural adaptogens to stabilize the nervous system

  • Detoxifies while helping the body cope with stress

  • Contains isoflavones from black cohosh that mimic the natural effects of estrogen

  • 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Feminine Comfort

  • Improves circulation to the reproductive organs

  • Rejuvenates delicate mucus membranes within the uterus

  • Provides natural herbal support of “master hormone,” DHEA and estrogen

  • 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Women's Rebalancing Cleanse

  • The first step to healthy balance and rejuvenation

  • Easy to follow, gentle on the system

  • Contains mild phytoestrogens that mimic your body’s natural response

  • 10 Individual Packets

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Easy Lifestyle Tweaks

  • Avoid the foods that may trigger hot flashes. Spicy foods, hot beverages, caffeine and alcohol are known to be popular hot flash triggers in women going through menopause. Keep a journal or make a note of foods and beverages that may cause you to experience hot flashes. Eliminate these triggers one at a time and see if your hot flashes are reduced or eliminated.

  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. These natural foods are your best source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that prevent disease and premature aging. They’re also filled with natural fiber that help to eliminate waste products from the body and keep your digestive system running at its best.

  • Make exercise a priority. Exercise is one of the best anti-aging tools a woman has throughout her life, especially during menopause. It will help keep added weight off due to fluctuating hormones, reduce belly fat, and promote healthy cholesterol levels ― all factors that lower the risk of heart disease.

    Here’s another reason exercise is so important. It helps fight the bone loss that’s associated with menopause and the loss of estrogen. To help keep your bones healthy, try resistance training. A simple brisk walk with hand weights, stair climbing, or even just dancing will work to help strengthen bone density. No gym necessary.

  • Relax to reduce stress and increase well-being. Along with exercise, finding healthy ways to relax is an essential key in the menopause journey. Anxiety can affect mood, sleep, and emotional health. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and deep-breathing will help reduce feelings of anxiety. You’ll also benefit from more restful sleep, a positive mood, and an increased sense of well-being.

  • Quit smoking. If you smoke, quit now. Along with the high risk of cancer and heart disease, smoking also decreases estrogen levels.^ Since menopause is a result of your body’s lower production of estrogen, smoking will further deplete your levels and even increase your symptoms.

Your symptoms are unique to you. Your solutions should be too.

It starts with specific, natural formulas that have been developed by master herbalists Dr. Jim Sullivan and Amanda McQuade Crawford, combining the highest-quality herbs with cutting edge research aimed at women in their menopausal years.

And importantly, the Blessed Herbs Menopause Support formulas work synergistically and with the ideal amount of ingredients that have been shown to dramatically relieve and help eliminate your most uncomfortable symptoms. This is why countless women just like you have found our natural menopause support formulas to be effective when other products have failed.

Let’s take a look at what the Blessed Herbs Natural Menopause Support line can do for you.

  • Purify your body of harmful toxins to enable natural healing

  • Reduce or even eliminate hot flashes and night sweats that interfere with sleep

  • Gently relieve stress and relax your mind for clearer thinking

  • Improve circulation to the uterus to relax delicate tissue and lessen discomfort

Our menopause relief line of herbal supplements and rebalancing cleanse provides you with a better way to cope with your unique menopause symptoms. Our herbal therapies help provide relief and comfort while ensuring only the best, all-natural ingredients are used to re-establish your body’s healthy balance.

Blessed Herbs Complete Natural Menopause Support Bundle

All products in our Blessed Herbs natural Menopause Support product line have been carefully formulated to work synegistically with one another-and are now available in money-saving bundle.

Buy together and SAVE 20% off the cost of buying each Blessed Herbs Natural Menopause Support product separately!

Reg: $99.80

^ Curr Med Chem Cardiovasc Hematol Agents. 2005 Jan;3(1):45-54.
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