The Internal Cleansing Kit™

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13 Formulas

This internal cleanse includes 13 formulas that will clean out your entire body – everything from your skin to your liver. Take the time to browse the formulas below. This internal cleanse program will make you feel refreshed and free of toxins!
Toxin Absorber

Toxin Absorber
(Ginger or Peppermint)

During this program you will take Toxin Absorber with apple juice or water once a day to help draw the build-up off the intestinal walls. It is an herbal supplement of psyllium seed husks, apple pectin, ginger root OR peppermint leaf, and Bentonite clay.

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Though ginger root has a hot, spicy taste and peppermint leaf has a cool minty taste, they are not added to the Toxin Absorber formula in our cleansing kits for their flavoring, but rather for their effects on the body. Either one can help relieve digestive upsets and harmonize the formula, but ginger supports more parts of the body than peppermint does. Ginger not only supports digestion, but also the cardiovascular and immune systems. Ginger also encourages the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, dispels unwanted para-organisms, helps make the other herbs in the formula more bioavailable to the body, and helps expel toxins.*

Although we recommend ginger for these additional benefits, that doesn’t make it is appropriate for everyone. About 70% of our customers choose ginger and 30% choose peppermint. Please read the following information carefully to help choose the best option. Don't choose based on taste alone, unless none of the conditions listed below apply to you.


Choose Ginger if any of the following applies to you:

  • You feel cold most of the time, or have a feeling of heat, but only in the afternoon or evening, often with night sweats
  • You usually like heat and dislike cold, except during a hot spell
  • You have cold extremities

CAUTION: if you have a hiatal hernia, choose ginger because peppermint may cause more acid reflux due to a relaxing effect on the lower esophageal sphincter.


Choose Peppermint if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have a feeling of heat most of the time.
  • You usually like cold and dislike heat.
  • You sometimes have a burning sensation in your stomach.

CAUTION: If you are taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs or aspirin, choose peppermint, because ginger at high doses may increase the blood-thinning effect of these drugs, but peppermint does not.

Digestive Stimulator View Supplement Facts

Digestive Stimulator

Digestive Stimulator is a natural herbal supplement that tones, cleanses, and purifies the entire digestive system.* The dosages vary from person to person to assure that their bowels are moving at least three times a day. During this program it is vitally important that one has regular bowel movements to keep the Toxin Absorber moving through the intestinal system. An herbal dietary supplement of Cape Aloe leaf, Aloe Vera leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Chinese Rhubarb root†, Triphala† (Amla fruit, Chebulic Myrobalan fruit, Belleric Myrobalan fruit), Barberry root, Dandelion root†, Fringe Tree root bark, Meadowsweet aerial parts†, English Plantain aerial parts†, Ginger root†, Fennel seed†, Peppermint leaf†, Fenugreek seed†, and Licorice root†.

Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator View Supplement Facts

Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator

90 vegetarian caps, 450 mg per cap
Helps the body’s major cleansing agent cleanse itself!* It supports the release of stored toxins and bile while promoting healthy liver function. It will also protect the liver as the toxins are released.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Dandelion root†, Milk Thistle seed†, Milk Thistle seed extract 80% silymarin, Reishi Mushroom extract 4:1, Artichoke leaf†, Schisandra berry, Lycium berry, Amla fruit†, Peppermint leaf†, Barberry root, Celandine aerial parts†, Licorice root†.

Large Para Cleanser 1 View Supplement Facts

Large Parasite Cleanser 1

52 vegetarian capsules, 450 mg per cap • Helps balance the populations of large intestinal organisms that are visible to the naked eye*. While many believe this is a problem limited to third world countries, this is far from the truth.
An herbal dietary supplement of Quisqualis fruit, Wormwood aerial parts†, Clove flower bud†, Ginger root†, Licorice root†.

Large Para Cleanser 2 View Supplement Facts

Large Parasite Cleanser 2

2 fluid ounces, 59.2ml • Helps to balance the populations of large intestinal organisms and has additional herbs to expel unwanted organisms, calm the digestive system, and boost the body’s defenses.* An herbal dietary supplement of Torreya Grandis nut, Astragalus root†, Elecampane root†, Butternut bark, Wild Yam root, Fennel seed†, Ginger root†, Licorice root† distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Small Para Cleanser View Supplement Facts

Small Parasite Cleanser

2 fluid ounces, 59.2ml Helps balance the populations of intestinal organisms too small to be seen by the naked eye.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Green Black Walnut hulls, Olive Leaf extract 6% Oleuropein, Pau d’ Arco bark, Cat’s Claw bark, Barberry root, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Shiitake mycelia LEM extract 6:1, Shiitake mushroom extract 8:1, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Grapefruit seed extract, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Friendly Bacteria Replenisher View Supplement Facts

Friendly Bacteria Replenisher

49 vegetarian capsules, 3 billion live cells per cap · Friendly bacteria are the first line of defense in the intestines · Each bacterial strain is micro-encapsulated to protect it against air, moisture and light · Requires no refrigeration · Even after 2 years on the shelf, 1 billion of each bacteria will be ready for ingestion and use.
A dietary supplement of Lactobacillus acidophilus (one billion live cells), Lactobacillus rhamnosus (one billion live cells), Bifidobacterium longum Bacteria (one billion live cells), Gum Arabic Tree resin, Acerola berry extract†.

Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator View Supplement Facts

Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator

2 fluid ounces, 59.2ml • Stimulates, decongests, soothes, and tones the kidneys and bladder in their daily task of cleansing.* The formula includes the clearing and relaxing herbs: Cornsilk stigma†, Hydrangea root, Goldenrod, and Stoneroot. It also includes herbs that work to protect the body from the negative effects of toxins.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Birch bark, Cornsilk stigma†, Canadian Goldenrod top aerial parts, Dandelion leaf†, Cordyceps mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1, Hydrangea root, Stoneroot root, Wild Yam root, Pipsissewa aerial parts, Yarrow aerial parts, Linden leaf and flowers†, Red Clover blossoms†, Cleavers aerial parts, Parsley root, Fragrant Waterlily root, Marshmallow root†, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Lung Rejuvenator View Supplement Facts

Lung Rejuvenator

2 fluid ounces, 59.2ml • Strengthens the body’s defenses and promotes healthy lungs.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Mullein leaf, Pleurisy root, Lungwort lichen, Grindelia aerial parts, Elecampane root†, Chlorella, Cordyceps mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1, Turkey Tails mushroom extract 8:1, American Ginseng root, Mullein flower, Lobelia aerial parts, Black Peppercorns†, Ginger root†, Long Pepper fruit, Sweet Violet leaf & flower†, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Blood & Skin Rejuvenator View Supplement Facts

Blood & Skin Rejuvenator

2 fluid ounces, 59.2ml • While cleansing and eliminating toxins from the blood, it also supplies the blood with easy-to-assimilate nutrition. Cleaner blood is directly reflected in a more glowing skin. It helps tone the heart and helps support the tissue of arteries and veins.* Oregon Grape root helps release stored iron into the bloodstream for stronger blood and immune system and healthy skin.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Sarsaparilla (Jamaican) root, Stinging Nettle leaf†, Burdock root†, Yellow Dock root, Hawthorn berry, Butcher’s Broom root, Chlorella, Bull Kelp thallus†, Bee Pollen†, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Oregon Grape Root, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Lymph Rejuvenator View Supplement Facts

Lymph Rejuvenator

2 fluid ounces, 59.2ml • Cleanses and supports the functioning of the lymphatic system, lymph nodes and vessels, and the overall defense mechanisms of the immune system.* It helps to drain and transport lymph fluids, while assisting in the removal of toxins, tissue wastes, and cellular debris.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Ocotillo stem, Red root, Red Clover blossoms†, Cleavers aerial parts, Stillingia root, Astragalus root†, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Mullein leaf, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Toxin Neutralizer View Supplement Facts

Toxin Neutralizer

75 vegetarian capsules, 450 mg per cap • Toxin Neutralizer is a powerful antioxidant formula that neutralizes and prevents toxins from binding to or damaging healthy cells.* It also helps the liver deactivate toxins.* While you are cleansing, toxins and wastes are dumped into your bloodstream and sometimes this can make you feel temporarily uncomfortable and frazzled. When this occurs, you need the help of an antioxidant (the Amla fruit, the highest known source of Vitamin C) to transform those released toxins. You’ll get a full complement of antioxidant and soothing aids that will help you adapt to any chemical or environmental stressors.* Your brain and nerves will also be calmed, as circulating toxins are being neutralized.*
An herbal dietary supplement of Amla fruit†, Caffeine free Green Tea leaf extract 90% polyphenols & EGCg 30%, Spirulina†, Green Tea leaf†, Grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanidins, Amla fruit extract 20:1. bark, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and vegetable glycerin.

Refreshing Green Tea Blend View Supplement Facts

Refreshing Green Tea Blend (can be used any time when toxins affect you)

16 tea bags, 2 grams each • Refreshing Green Tea Blend helps your body cleanse.* Some days you may feel more sluggish and tired. You can simply enjoy a cup of this tea for immediate support, neutralizing newly released toxins.* This tea may be taken whenever you feel the need for it.
An herbal dietary supplement of West Indian Lemongrass aerial parts†, Lemon Balm leaf†, Green Tea leaf†, Oat straw aerial parts†, Stinging Nettle leaf†, Dandelion root†, Burdock root†, Licorice root†, Jasmine Green Tea leaf, Irish Moss thallus, Grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanidins, Amla fruit extract 20:1.

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